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All brickwork has its own demands, its own age, and its own level of pre-existing wear and tear & may also have multiple layers of paint.

With 25 years of experience in the industry, we know the safest methods of cleaning brickwork no matter its condition.

If you have a building or property with old brickwork that needs cleaning, or has paint on it that you need removed, then one of the most effective ways you can handle the project is by cleaning your exterior brickwork using methods of Sand Blasting.

Sand blasting (or Shot Blasting as it’s  also known) is a form of abrasive blast cleaning that can be used for brick paint removal and cleaning of algae and grime. The technique fires off abrasive particles of abrasive material at high speeds, and under high pressure or low pressure depending on the target substrate. When struck by the abrasive material it causes abrasion to the outside of the surface, removing any paint, or built up dirt, allowing for a fresh look to the brickwork without causing any structural damage to the wall.

Sand Blasting brick is one of the most cost effective and quickest ways to remove paint and clean brickwork, as it allows you to not just clean the brick but prepare it for future work such as new layer of fresh paint. A freshly shot blasted surface creates the ideal texture for paint coatings to properly adhere to. We are experts in the removal of paint from all kinds of brick & stonework.

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