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Blast Cleaning and Repainting Steel

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Metal Sandblasting and Shot Blasting Restoration

Our blast cleaning service is extremely effective for metal restoration. Suitable for metal stairways, building framework and supports, gates and railings and vehicles of every description. Any metal item can be cleaned & restored to its former glory using our specialist blasting equipment. we offer our expert service to help you restore your item. We can also repaint your item with a primer to prevent rust and also spray a top finish coat so that your item looks as good as new.

Blast Cleaning can be especially useful for the preparation of internal and external steel, whether it be steel RSJ’s in an industrial unit / agricultural building, a wrought iron staircase or fire escape or any other steel We are able to successfully remove years of accumulated paint and rust that will leave the area ready for repainting or fitting an in-tumescent fire resistant finish. We can do it all.

Blast cleaning can be used to remove paint or corrosion from a variety of steel surfaces. Ornate metal railings can be cleaned back ready to be re-painted. Blasting commonly cleans interior columns, which require preparation prior to fire proofing. The surface is ready for the specialist coating to be applied,

We can work to a commercial standard or to SAE 2.5 depending on the contract. We will blast clean back to white metal or simply flash over the surface to remove light rust.

Internal and external staircases including balustrades and fire escapes respond well to sandblasting, allowing years of accumulated paint to be removed to either leave as an aesthetic finish or re-coat.

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