Timber Restoration

Timber & Oak Beam Cleaning And Restoration

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Restoring timber back to its natural state


We sand blast all types of timber from existing beams in pubs, barns and houses to remove paint or varnish to restore timber back to its natural state.

In addition, we can clean large industrial timber frame buildings and new Green Oak constructions and barn conversions by removing the lime wash and paint from the frames and roof joists to either leave as a finish or prepare for woodworm treatment. This is a careful procedure and we endeavour to complete this with minimal damage to the beams. Also, we undertake new oak structures or extensions to remove black marks, water stains and tannin stains to give the beam a clean uniformed finish or to enhance the grain to give an aged appearance.

Our process works on all internal and external beamed surfaces, even if they have previously been painted, stained, varnished or damaged by smoke, fire or water. We use the latest blasting equipment to carefully clean and restore in a way that not only helps to highlight the original features of the timbers, it lightens the look and feel whilst preserving its history.


Our team consists of highly trained professionals with a keen eye for detail, a passion for design and a love for preserving history. We work closely with property owners, construction companies and architects. We understand the complications of beam renovations and ensure a seamless process with outstanding results.

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